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Online Education

redlaptopspillingbooksThe Greater Baton Rouge Association of REALTORS® partners with some online education vendors. 

Our members often have access to discount codes for some of these vendors. Please check the MLS home page for updated discount code information. 

Please note: Continuing Education Certificated and Education Tracking is not available from GBRAR on any online course. They are all offered under their own LREC Education Vendor Numbers. You will need to send a copy of the course completion certificate to GBRAR to have courses completed through online vendors credited to your Association account. If you need assistance with a certificate or documentation of completion for an online course you should contact the vendor directly. 



GBRAR is partnering with Career WebSchool to offer online real estate courses.

Sales Pre-license Courses

Continuing Education

About Career WebSchool

Career WebSchool is proud to offer online real estate courses. We design and develop Real Estate courses for delivery on computer. Our courses were the first courses on computer approved for real estate licensing in any state. They set the standard for computer-based instruction courses nationwide. Career WebSchool is approved by state regulatory agencies (Real Estate Boards and/or Real Estate Departments) across the country to offer courses to the public.

Our Mission

The mission of Career WebSchool is to provide high-quality distance education courses to Real Estate trainees and licensees in support of federal and state-mandated education programs for licensure and ongoing professional competency.

Licensing courses are offered to the general public to satisfy the educational requirements for licensure by the appropriate jurisdictions. The content coverage is guided by state licensing requirements and designed to provide a quality educational preparation for licensed activities in the Real Estate business. The primary focus is on providing the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to protect the public in its dealings with Real Estate professionals. The course is designed to take a student with no background knowledge of the subject to a level of knowledge that is acceptable to operate in a professional manner in the industry. To meet these overall objectives, the course of study will provide (among others):

  •     a thorough understanding of the legal underpinnings of Real Estate practice and a working knowledge of specific relevant laws and regulations
  •     a working knowledge of the principles and practice necessary to engage in the Real Estate business
  •     an appreciation for and a thorough knowledge of the responsibilities owed to customers, clients and other professionals in the Real Estate business

Continuing education courses are offered to licensees to enhance their professionalism, thereby fostering the protection of the public, by:

  •     acquiring new knowledge, skills, and abilities relevant to the conduct of their duties
  •     refreshing their knowledge of core principles and practices
  •     advancing their knowledge of selected advanced topics
  •     acquiring updated knowledge of content topics that change over time

The acquisition of this information is provided in the context of an educational methodology that insures that the material is:

  •     understood at a conceptual level
  •     able to be used in a fluent manner by the learner
  •     able to be applied to practical situations

Finally, each online real estate course is designed to document the attainment of mastery is and evaluated objectively and quantitatively to insure that transfer of knowledge actually occurs.

The CE Shop

The CE Shop


Our Purpose 

is "To enhance the skills and lives of our students by making mandatory continuing education as 'easy' and 'relevant' as possible."

Our Mission

is "To be the most respected online mandatory continuing education brand within the markets we serve."

Real estate professionals all across the United States have enrolled in the easy-to-use license renewal continuing education courses offered by The CE Shop.

Our Team

The CE Shop team includes real estate industry experts from across the country as well as knowledgeable content and curriculum designers, marketing and sales professionals, compliance and operation specialists, distance learning technologists, financial and legal experts and our outstanding customer service team. We all work to make your continuing education easy!

Our Offices

We are located right in the middle of it all - in Fargo, North Dakota. Our midwestern work ethic as well as our commitment to our customers allow us to provide you with excellent service through your entire real estate license renewal process.

If you call our offices during business hours, you will talk to one of us. If all lines are busy, please leave us a detailed message and we will return your call as soon as possible! We are also available over the weekend by email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Fully Accredited

The CE Shop, Inc. is dedicated to helping you meet your state requirements for real estate continuing education. We are fully certified by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO®). Every one of our courses available in our course catalogs are approved by the regulatory agency in their respective states. You can read more about our state approval, by selecting your state's catalog. We also offer a promise to your satisfaction.



This committee prepares and recommends to the Board of Directors an annual operation budget for the Association and its Multiple Listing Service. The annual budget shall be submitted to the Board of Directors at the October meeting. The committee meets once each quarter to review actual income and expenses and recommends to the Board of Directors whether or not the MLS dues and other fees should be increased or remain as budgeted.


This committee reviews, and re-writes as specified articles or sections of the By-Laws when directed to do so by the Board of Directors, they are then submitted to the general membership for approval. 



This committee evaluates the current education needs of the membership and encourages and seeks communication on subject matters that would be of interest to the majority of members. The committee also works towards sponsoring combined seminars with other local associations to expand the quality of speakers at minimal expense. It is also charged with providing a minimum of 45 hours of DRE accredited continuing education, including Agency and Ethics, in a four year period.


The mission of this committee is to design, promote and implement the Association's programs in areas of minority outreach, fair housing, affirmative marketing, fair lending practices and cultural awareness. The committee also monitors and evaluates legislative, legal and regulatory trends on issues related to equal access to shelter for all individuals.


This committee determines whether or not a complaint, assuming that the facts alleged are true, should be forwarded to the Professional Standards Committee for hearing. If the activity on which the complaint is based runs afoul of the Code of Ethics, the matter is automatically forwarded for hearing. the committee is responsible for ensuring that the proper Articles of the Code of Ethics are cited in the complaint. If the committee rules that the complaint should be amended to cite the proper articles, the complainant must be given opportunity to amend the complaint. Should the complainant not agree with the committee's decision, a determination must be whether to amend the complaint with the Grievance Committee then named as the complainant. The committee is obligated to exercise caution in carrying out an investigation.The committee's task does not include gathering evidence of proving or disproving the complaint.


This committee monitors Federal, state and local legislative and regulatory actions and trends, and interprets for member REALTORS and the general public, their impact on the real estate industry and property ownership. The committee recommends approaches to influence the course and form of legal legislation and works with the Association's Board of Directors in the formation of Association policyand implementation of state and local mandated legislation.

Program Timed Access on iBox BT using ActiveKey

Change iBox Settings - ActiveKey

1. Turn on the ActiveKey.
2. Scroll up until “Set iBox Timed Access” appears on the screen. Press enter.
3. Select option 2, “24 Hour Access”
4. Enter the lockbox’s shackle code. Press enter.
5. Point the key at the infrared screen on the front of the lockbox.
6. The key will provide a “Success” message when the programming change is complete.

Timed access can only be turned on or off using an ActiveKey. To change specific times during which the lockbox is active, you must bring the lockbox into the association office to have it programmed.


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