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How to Log In to

How and Why to Log In to

The new features content for both the public and GBRAR members. Members can access all of the public content without logging in, just as the public can.

Members can also access information specifically provided for them, and not available to the public, by logging into the site. They can do this by clicking on the big, red "Log In" button in the upper right corner of any page on Image 1 below shows the log in button on the home page. The log in button appears in the same place on any page.


After clicking on the log in a new page will automatically open. This page is the IMS log in screen. (See image 2 below.) Members can log in using their B number and the password associated with it. This should be the same number and password members use to log into the MLS.


After logging in, GBRAR members will be access to several things not available to the public. These include an expanded Member Services menu (see green arrow on image 3). This menu includes member profile links in the IMS, information about the Code of Ethics and the process for filing a complaint, the Arbitration process, PACS, and more.

Another feature available to members after logging in is a big blue button to sign in to the MLS. This appears in the upper left corner (red arrow on image 3).


NOTE: Quick log in to the MLS

Login to is a public menu item on the "Member Services" menu. (See image 3, green arrow.)
This means that from anywhere on members can click on the "Login to GBRMLS.COM" item on the Member Services menu and be taken to the log in screen of the MLS. 

You are here: Home Member Services News How to Log In to