Business Planning With Shay Hata!

December 15th, 10 – 12 PM  $10

Now is the time to fill your pipeline for next year and get your business on track so you can grow in 2021.  Top producing Realtor Shay Hata will share her tips for creating an actionable business plan for 2021 including event, gift and pop-by ideas as well as how to structure your marketing calendar, cut costs and grow your leads to have a more profitable year without working more.

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Shay’s Bio

Shay Hata is an Ivy League grad, mom, and residential Realtor in Chicago, IL with Berkshire Hathaway. She moved to Chicago in 2012 and jumped into real estate in a brand new city where she didn’t know anyone and was new to real estate. Within 3 years she was averaging $30M a year in real estate and now has a small team consisting of her, a buyer’s agent, and four assistants.  Shay is passionate about animal rescue as well as making sure every child has access to a quality education, therefore, she donates a portion of each commission to local animal rescue groups and local schools.

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