At the Assisted Living Research Institute, we have evaluated the current state of senior housing across the United States. In that process, we have gathered data on over 20,000 assisted living facilities nationwide, and almost 130 of these are in the state of Louisiana. In 2018, the average cost for assisted living residence in Louisiana is $3,550 – nearly $500 less than the American average.

Louisiana has a climate and natural atmosphere common to the deep South, but it may be the most culturally distinct region in the country. The state’s Spanish and French Creole roots still permeate everything from cuisine and music to arts and architecture, and many areas still retain a distinctly Old South charm. Louisiana’s unique culture, coupled with its low cost of living and high-quality healthcare systems make the state a viable option for seniors in search of an assisted living community.

Directory of Assisted Living Facilities in Louisiana

Finding the right assisted living arrangement can be a difficult task. By compiling our data on Louisiana facilities into an easy to use directory, we hope to simplify your research process. In the table below, you will find over 120 facilities listed with important information, such as costs, Medicaid acceptance status, and amenities.

Find the Assisted Living Facility you or someone you love needs.

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