First-Time Home Buyer Tips with REALTOR® Eric Dungy

REALTOR® Eric Dungy grew up in the world of professional sports, so coaching Kristen through Tampa’s competitive housing market is second nature for him. But as Kristen keeps losing out to cash buyers, Eric is under pressure to score Kristen a superstar townhome. Find out what first home buyer tips Eric brings to the table for houses in Florida. Home Budget: approved for $700,000 – $800,000 Desired Location: Hyde Park, Tampa, FL Purchase House: Townhome – 4 bed, 3.5 bath About the REALTOR®: Eric Dungy, son of legendary Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach Tony Dungy, is an experienced real estate professional with 6 years in the real estate industry. Being the official real estate agent of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Eric also assists non-athletes in executing real estate strategies to find the perfect home. Instagram: @ericdungy

About the show: Remember buying your first home? Easy peasy—or not so much? Now add the most competitive market ever into the mix and the pressure is unreal! Watch what happens when first-time home buyers go all in, guided by the expertise of a REALTOR®, in First-Time Buyer.

If you are a single home buyer and competing with cash offers, you need the right tools to buy smart:
Single-Family Home or Condo: Which is Best for You?
How to Buy Smart in the City

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