NEW Condition Field Choices for MLSbox

Attention GBRAR Members,

On Monday night, 4/3/23, we added a new field to the MLS. The new Condition field will be required for each Residential, Multi-Family, and Rental property.

Choices and the definitions for the new field

  1. NEW = New construction; never occupied.
  2. EXCELLENT = No functional inadequacies of any consequence and all major components in like-new condition. The overall effective age has been substantially reduced upon complete revitalization of the structure regardless of the actual chronological age.
  3. VERY GOOD = No obvious maintenance required but neither is everything new. Appearance and utility are above the standard, and the overall effective age will be lower than the typical property.
  4. AVERAGE = All major components still functional. Some evidence of deferred maintenance and normal obsolescence with age in that a few minor repairs are needed.
  5. FAIR = Badly worn, much repair needed. Many items need refinishing or overhauling, deferred maintenance obvious, inadequate building utility and services all shortening the life expectancy and increasing the effective age.
  6. POOR = Excessive deferred maintenance and abuse, approaching abandonment or major reconstruction.

Any listings with a condition selected in the Misc. features group will be carried into the new Condition field.
The new Condition field will not be made available to the public.

Thank you for your patience,

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