New Paragon Features

AVMs Added to Paragon and Collaboration Center

In an effort to integrate more data analytics into Paragon, Paragon Connect, and Collaboration Center, Black Knight is introducing Automated Valuations from Black Knight, RPR and Zillow. Automated Valuations are estimated market values based on mathematical modeling of a property’s value at a specific point in time based on comparable properties and other available data.

The AVMs will be available in the following three areas:

  1. The Property Detail Report in Paragon Connect and Collaboration Center
  2. The Map Panel for Listings and Parcels in Paragon
  3. The CMA Comparable Price Analysis Report in Paragon


Ability to Hide Feature Categories from Search and Views

This enhancement offers the ability to restrict feature categories by user type for search, listing spreadsheets and views. Each feature category will have two new sets of controls to enable searchable/viewable and consequently the ability to add restricted user codes.


Interactive Map Layers

With this new feature, you are able to create and save your own map layers. Watch the video below to learn how:

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