New In-Person Class – Disaster Housing Response & Operation: Storm Aftermath

Disaster Housing Response & Operation: Storm Aftermath

April 19th 10am – 12pm

2hr ce

(LREC Vendor # 8030)

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The Disaster Housing Response & Operation: Storm Aftermath course will fully cover what disaster housing operation entails and how real estate agents can incorporate this into their regular business to expand their services to all buyers and sellers.  This course will also cover details on how those in commercial real estate can participate in disaster housing. the instructor, Mistie Rice Babin. has successfully managed disaster housing operations in response to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Laura and to the floods of 2016.  Most recently, she placed approximately 50 families from the Lake Charles area in housing.


Natural Disaster/Catastrophe Housing:  As a real estate professional, you will learn:

  • how to help customers and clients by responding to an urgent housing demand immediately following a natural disaster
  • the Storm Aftermath Phases, what goes on in each phase, and examples of how to operate during each phase.
  • how to build and offer inclusive rent packages for disaster housing while consciously adhering to fair housing practices
  • how to build a team for Storm Aftermath Disaster Housing, examples of tools and systems to use, the service aspect of the operation, and how you can implement this information to your own business.
  • how to attract corporate tenants who need to house their employees to respond to natural disasters
  • how to manage the workload that comes with disaster housing
  • what to expect from tenants and landlords regarding disaster housing needs
  • how to avoid burn-out while working a disaster housing operation
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