New Way to Authorize Supra eKEY

Supra has announced a new way for you to authorize your Supra eKEY app. This new feature makes it easy to obtain an authorization code if you get a new phone or need to re-install the eKEY app.

Click here for a video walkthrough

To obtain an authorization code from the eKEY app:

  1. Launch the eKEY app
  2. Select Activate eKEY App and the screen below is displayed

  1. Enter email address or phone number
  2. Enter 4-digit PIN
  3. Click Submit

You will receive an email or text message (depending on whether you entered an email address or phone number) containing a link. Click that link to automatically authorize the eKEY app.

An authorization code can still be obtained from SupraWEB or Mobile SupraWEB at Organization staff can also still obtain an authorization code from SupraNET.

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