Launches New Flood Factor Feature announced a new Flood Factor feature created in partnership with the First Street Foundation to provide consumers with comprehensive and accurate flood risk data displayed at the individual property level for each listing.

View the tool at

Flood Factor™ supports NAR policy to provide accurate flood mapping with full transparency and disclosure. Because FEMA flood maps cover only the high NFIP population areas along major rivers and some of the coast, many consumers could be buying or selling a home in harm’s way and not know. NAR recently commissioned a Legal Research Center study, which found a number of lawsuits against real estate professionals for not taking more steps to disclose flood risk. Flood Factor™ can help provide another credible flood risk tool for consumers while filling in the gaps on FEMA maps.

NAR has developed a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Sheet(link is external) to help their members field questions from customers about Flood Factor™ data

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