Recent Changes to the Code of Ethics

We know many of you have questions and concerns about the recent changes to the Code of Ethics. GBRAR has been, and will continue, to provide educational materials for our members. In this video Laura Farley addresses the changes and common concerns. Please take twenty or so minutes to watch it. As Laura Farley serves as General Counsel at the Virginia REALTORS Association, and she has more than 10 years of experience handling and supervising professional standards cases. In this video, Laura explains why NAR’s list of protected classes in Standard of Practice 10-5 is more inclusive than a lot of states and addresses the subjective nature of determining intent as well as the concerns that 10-5 gives some REALTORS more speech rights than others. She also discusses the significance of removing the word ‘willful’ from NAR’s definition of public trust, introducing us to the concept of disparate impact—and why it may or may not apply to Article 10. Listen in for Laura’s insight on how 10-5 has further polarized the REALTOR community and get her take on the best possible outcome around the revised Code of Ethics.

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