What is RentSpree?

RentSpree collects a completed application package from every tenant.  This includes a 1) completed rental application, 2) credit report, 3) background check, and 4) eviction report. Conveniently enable RentSpree screening whenever you add a rental listing to Paragon!

Applicants pay only $30 to apply and the results are returned to you in seconds.  You can even start screening your first applicant on RentSpree in less than 2 minutes.


RentSpree Demo


RentSpree FAQ

1. How does it work?

a. Enter an applicant’s email address to send them an application invite. Applicants will then input their information, authorize screening, and submit back to you. You can then print or save applicant reports, share with a client, etc.

2. What is the cost?

a. There is no cost for GBRAR members. Applicants pay a screening fee to apply.
b. Applicants pay $30 for the credit, criminal, and eviction reports.
c. The rental application is free of charge (and can be requested separately or along with the screening reports).

3. What do I receive from RentSpree?

a. Full Credit report and score
b. Criminal background check
c. 50-state eviction history
d. Completed rental application

4. How do I screen a tenant?

a. Choose “Yes” on RentSpree Online Application when adding a lease listing into Paragon.
b. You will receive an email from with the ApplyLink™.
c. Email the ApplyLink™ to applicants or copy and paste into your listings on your brokerage website or social media.
d. You will receive an email notification once an application is submitted, and you can easily track each application’s status via the RentSpree dashboard.

5. How long does it take to get a report back?

a. Once submitted by an applicant, all reports are available instantaneously. Members will receive an email notification upon submission

6. What if I need help?

a. has answers to most common questions
b. RentSpree can be reached M-F 9am-7pm CST at 323-515-7757
c. Email for support at
d. RentSpree has live chat on its site during business hours.
e. You can visit to schedule a 1-1 training session with staff

7. Where can I find Instructional videos?

a. What applicants see when they apply:
b. How to share a RentSpree report:
c. How to use our digital signatures feature:

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