2021 Agent Success Summit

Greater Baton Rouge Association of REALTORS® is proud to sponsor the 9th annual …

Agent Success Summit 2021 (click here to learn more).

On April 16th – 22nd 21 top trainers, coaches, authors, speakers, and thought leaders will talk about how to get…

MORE Leads, MORE Clients, and MORE Closings.


The summit is an online training event hosted by Master Mind Agent LLC that you can attend from anywhere … your office … your home … the gym … anywhere you have an internet connection.  Listen on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

It’s like a giant 7-day long real estate conference.

BUT … you don’t have to travel and pay for airfare, rental car, hotel room, and restaurant food.  You can even stay home and attend in your pajamas.  : )

It’s all online … all video … and best of all … it’s all FREE.

So take a quick look.

Info:  Agent Success Summit 2021.


Look who’s talking and check out their training session title:

  • Mike Ferry – Strengthening Your Listing Presentation.
  • David Knox – 7 Best Ways to Prepare Your Buyer for a Seller’s Market.
  • Jackie Leavenworth – 5 Steps to Successful Negotiations.
  • Leigh Brown – Building & Managing Your Personal Sphere.
  • Bubba Mills – Building an REO Division.
  • Josh Schoenly – A Simple 3 Step Plan For DOUBLING Your Business In The Next 90 Days.
  • Chantel Ray – The Right Mindset to Create Systems and Take Massive Action.
  • Paul Wheeler – Running a Profitable Business.
  • Willie Miranda – 7 Steps to Build And Get The MOST Out Of Your Database.
  • Linda McLean – 3 Effective Strategies to Lead Effectively in Times of Change.
  • Danny Griffin – What Problem Are You Solving And Why.
  • Amy Stoehr – The BIG WHAT IF: Business Planning with Contingencies.
  • Krista Mashore – One Strategy That Resulted in 48 Closed Seller Transactions in 2020.
  • Mike Cerrone – Switch or Stay.
  • Michael Hellickson – The 3 Habits That Separate UBER SUCCESSFUL Agents and Brokers from Underachievers.
  • Lars Hedenborg – How to Scale Your Real Estate Business Without Giving Your Life Away.
  • Erik Hatch – The 5 Steps You MUST Make to Build a Healthy, Profitable Team.
  • Jeff Cohn – Pivot To Survive: Create A Hybrid Tech-Powered Real Estate Business And Thrive.
  • Chris Watters – First 3 Key Hires to Scale to Your First 1M in Closed GCI.
  • Vicki Westapher – Showing Agent Model – Increase Profits – Leverage Time.
  • Joshua Smith – How To Get More Listings, Get More Buyer Offers Accepted & Implement Virtual Presentations, So You Can Grow and Scale Your Real Estate Business in 2021.


P.S.  As a special bonus, each speaker has provided a gift (helpful tool) to advance your career.  You’ll receive:  scripts and dialogs, insider reports, 3 e-books, audio on negotiation strategy, social media swipe copy, listing qualification process, listing plan and checklist, prepping buyers for seller’s market ideas, team leadership report, text scripts for getting more clients, social media content ideas, just listed and sold postcard templates, buyer and seller initial interview profile sheets, strategy sheet for running a profitable practice, 30 part action plan, comprehensive list of BPO and REO companies and registrations sites to get assignments, business planning worksheets, 5 day video marketing course, switch or stay quiz, 44 point listing checklist, list of the 31 best lead sources including top 5 best listing sources, how to build a successful team video training, business growth navigator, business plan and lead generation guide, video review of a 7 figure agent’s profit and lost statement, showing agent agreement template, and more.  So immediately after you register for this FREE event, you’ll get access to the 21 gifts.  Enjoy!


FREE Training Event – Agent Success Summit 2021

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