Introducing Supra Non-Member Access (NMA)

We are excited to announce a new lockbox feature: Supra Non-Member Access (NMA)!

NMA allows agents to grant authorization to a non-member to access a Supra box using their smartphone or tablet. In short, it allows lockbox owners to use a Supra box like a combo-box, eliminating the need to have both.

Four big things to remember:

  1. Access is controlled by the listing agent and only granted for one person, for one lockbox, and for a specific time frame.
  2. You must have permission from the seller to allow someone access
  3. The Listing agent must turn the feature on in SupraWEB
  4. The member is liable for nonmember access

How do you activate and use this new feature?

One-Time Only: Activate Non-Member Feature
1. Go to and select SupraWEB Login for Real Estate Agents to login.
2. Login to SupraWEB using your SSO (Single Sign-On).
3. From SupraWEB select SETTINGS.
4. Select Non-Member Access.
5. Check “Enable Non-Member Access.”
6. Select Save.

Grant Non-Member Access from your computer
1. Go to and select Agents – Log on to SupraWEB.
2. Login to SupraWEB using your SSO (Single Sign-On).
3. From SupraWEB select LISTINGS.
4. Select Keyboxes. If the keybox is not listed, you must use the Add Keybox link on the left to add it.
5. For the keybox you want to grant a non-member access to, select the Grant Non-Member Access icon .
6. Enter the non-member’s mobile phone number.
7. Select the access starting and ending date and time.
8. Enter any notes about the listing to the non-member.
9. Check to accept the Terms and Conditions.
10. Select Submit. A text message and an email will be sent to the non-member.

Grant Non-Member Access from the eKEY Application
1. Open the eKEY application.
2. Tap the SupraWEB icon.
3. Login to SupraWEB with your key serial number, Personal Identification Number (The same number you use to open a lockbox), and organization.
4. Tap Non-Member Access.
5. Select a keybox from the drop-down menu.
6. Tap the Grant Access button and Next.
7. Add the non-member mobile phone number.
8. Modify the information as needed.
9. Tap Submit.



Why is this being introduced?
Supra NMA has been introduced in a response to member requests for this feature and equips our members to better serve their clients and to meet the anticipated requirements of NAR’s 2020 Department of Justice Agreement.

I am a licensed member of MLS. Can I be granted NMA?
No. Because MLS Members are eligible for a Supra eKey, they are not considered a non-member.

I forgot to get the owner’s permission, am I in trouble?
Yes. This is a violation of the key holder agreement and may result in loss of key or MLS services. Not only should you have permission, but it is also advisable that permission be documented in writing.

Who is responsible for any possible damages or loss to the property by a nonmember?
When you grant a non-member access to a property, as the listing agent you take responsibility for any possible damages or loss at that property.

A New Orleans member and licensed agent wants to show my listing. Can I grant them NMA?
NOMAR and GBRAR have a key co-op agreement that will allow keys to work on the other association’s boxes from the date of issuance. Because NOMAR members are eligible for a Supra eKey in the New Orleans market, they are considered by Supra to be a member and the system will not allow NMA. They should be referred to NOMAR for a key.

I cannot reach the Keybox owner and need NMA. Can I call MLS or Supra to get access?
No, NMA can only be granted by the Keybox owner registered with Supra.

This FAQ address ONLY consequences under the MLS rules. It does not address any liability to persons or for property that may occur from violation of the MLS rules.


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